Philippa Siddons

Philippa Siddons

With a wealth of experience gained from working in the corporate world over 20 years as an executive assistant, Philippa is extremely passionate about providing a business support service whilst looking for ways to save clients time. 
She approaches her work with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Philippa is dedicated to seeing every job through to completion. She builds trusted relationships with ease, establishing a professional rapport with people at all levels.
One of her many strengths is prioritising work and juggling various tasks across multiple time zones in a fast paced, dynamic and ever-changing environment.
Philippa created PS-Assist, to enable her to have a better work life balance and flexibility of her time around her young family.

How her clients, candidates and colleagues have described Philippa:

  • Tenacious and collegiate

  • Works well without direction

  • Dedicated and loyal virtual assistant

  • Operates in a discrete and confidential manner

  • Rises to a challenge, works hard to ensure results are achieved

  • Handles pressure with grace and sense of humour

Why people choose to work with Philippa?

  • Affable yet driven

  • Delivers a flexible, capable and reliable resource

  • Responsive to client needs

  • Cost effective and tax deductible